What is Waifu?

I'm sure almost all anime fans know what is waifu, so for the people that still don't know what is waifu. Here, I share my knowledge about waifu in this post.

Waifu (マイワイフ) is originated from English word which is Wife. If in the real world, we called our female life partners as Wife, then for anime, we called her as "Waifu".

So any female anime character that we liked, and want her to be as our lovers, then we called her as "Waifu". And, the opposite of wife, which is husband, called as "Husbando."

That's it, it's simple, right?

If you want to know more about the history, character, and the deep meaning of waifu, then you can open this website: http://www.japanpowered.com/otaku-culture/what-waifu-means

Below is the basic explanation about waifu evolution since 1980 until now. Although, I add a bit of jokes in it, but it still makes sense haha

anime waifu evolution
Every year, since 1984, there is a war that called "Waifu Wars". What is waifu wars? It is the wars, when fans from the same anime series, compared each other waifu, whether their waifu will end up with the male main character or not. The most famous example of waifu wars nowadays is Rem vs Emilia to get Subaru's love.

If you want to know the history of waifu wars from 1984 until 2016, then you can watch this video:

That's it, all the explanation, that you must know about waifu. If you have any other knowledge or information, please share it at the comment bar below.



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