The Future of Japan Anime Industry?

Every year, we hear that anime is declining, and many anime studios company closed down. There's so many articles and news that told about this. Just search it at google with the keyword "Anime declining", and set the advanced search time frame to past years. You will see so many websites and forum that discuss about this topic.

However, last year, anime is beginning to regain its success once again, and it's all because of Kimi no Na Wa. Many international media make news article that Kimi no Na Wa anime got a very huge profit which is over $100 Million. After that, it seems anime companies started to focus more on anime movies, because it can bring more profit, and even if its get pirated, the fans will still go to the cinema to watch the movie.

At the beginning of this year, I saw a news article that stated the demand of Anime studios to make an anime was increasing, due to the higher demands from the international fans. But, because of Anime studios lacked of man powers, then they cannot fulfill all of those requests. I think, this because, there's rarely a Japan person nowadays that want to work in anime studios, because of its low salary, especially, the low salary of the Animator.

So, does Anime industry will regain its success once more?

Honestly, I'm very pessimistic about this, because of what? If Japan is the only country that make the Anime, then Yes! Japan Anime can get success once again.

But now, Korea and China begin to make their own anime.

It's started from last year, Korea and China began to work with Japan studios to help them making their own Anime. The dub and animation still used Japan studios and seiyuu last year.

But, starting from this year, Korea released Closers anime, who use voice actors from Korea. The animation quality is the same as Japanese anime, so it's not really a threat to Japan Anime industry.

The main competitor from Japan Anime Industry is China. Starting from Spring 2017, China release its own anime that based on a Chinese light novel, and they don't rely on Japan studios anymore, because they use their own studio and voice actor.

That anime is called Quan Zhi Gao Shou ).

Quan Zhi Gao Shou
The animation quality is amazing, although its just a normal anime series, but the quality is like seeing an anime movie, and the story is good too. So who is the maker of this anime, I'm surprised when I see Tencent Animation as their producers ( ).

Tencent is one of the biggest company in China. Their executive salary surpasses Apple and IBM. (

So, you can imagine, with their unlimited money, unlimited man powers, easy access, proficiency in global language, and low production cost; then it's just a matter of time before China surpasses Japan in Anime industry. Maybe right now many Japan anime fans still cannot get used to Chinese anime, but slowly they will start to accept it.

Right now, Korea is far ahead in term of Manhwa graphic quality, they use full color graphic as their main selling point, compared to Japan that still use black and white ink. Also, they manhwa can get access for free via LINE. China is also starting to do the same and begins to surpass Japan, in term of graphic quality and story.

So what can Japan Anime industry do to gain its success once more? Tell me your opinion in the comment bar below.



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