Spring 2017 Anime Waifu International Voting

We have different preferences of waifu, so I conclude that every person has their own best waifu. But sometimes you will wonder, how popular is your waifu?

To answer this question, I make this polling to find out how popular is your waifu. So, let's vote your waifu by simply choose her name on this poll below.

If you don't find your waifu name, then just choose Other and type your waifu name. I will update the poll after it, so other people can vote your waifu too. Don't put a waifu name that's not included as a character from Spring 2017 Anime series, such as Rem. Yes, I know she is the best waifu, but she's not a character from Spring 2017 Anime series.

This votes is for Spring 2017 Anime, and if you don't know what anime that aired on Spring 2017, then you can see the list at myanimelist website, here is the link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/season

After you vote, you can see the result by clicking View Results below the poll, by doing this way, you can directly know how popular is your waifu.

I also have restricted this polling by cookies & IP address, so 1 person can only vote 1 time to avoid spam, so please be honest and choose your best waifu.

This poll will be closed when Summer 2017 Anime starts airing.

Feel free to comment on Facebook and Disqus comment bar below this post. (If Disqus comment bar not showing, you can refresh this website, sometimes it failed to load).



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