Using Lucid Dream to Meet Your Waifu

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What I mean about this question is not just simply see your waifu through playing game and watching anime, but it's more than that. So, how you can meet your waifu and interact with her?

With current technology, maybe you can use Virtual Reality such as Oculus Rift to see your waifu in front of your eyes, such as Summer Lesson game.

But that still won't be felt real, maybe when our tech reaches Sword Art Online technology, then we can touch our waifu.

So what is the method to meet our waifu in this current era?

Before I ask your method, I will share my method first. With my technique, I have already succeed once in meeting my waifu, this solution is a bit occult, which is by using LUCID DREAM.

What is Lucid Dream? I will describe it in a very simple way. Do you ever have a dream when you feel that dream is so real, that you actually can see the scenery in that dream like in the real world? I'm sure you have experienced this once, and that type of dream is called a lucid dream.

Lucid dream is a higher stage of normal dream. While in normal dream, we just sleep and see our dream like we are watching a movie, and can't do anything about it. Then in a lucid dream, we can control that dream, and feel anything inside that dream.

If we think about our waifu, then we will see our waifu directly in front of us, then we can touch her like touching a real person, and we can interact with her.

To find more about Lucid Dream, you can just Google it.

So how to achieve a lucid dream in a very simple way? The key is patience, and how big is your love to your waifu. The stronger our feeling, then the faster you can meet your waifu.

STEP 1: Make a dream journal.
Every time you wake up from sleep and if you had a dream, then you must remember what is your dream. Write every detail like date, scenery, and the person you meet in that dream. The more detail is better, so write everything you know about that dream. Do this for at least 2 weeks, and I'm sure after 2 weeks, you will remember your dream more clearly, and you will be starting to feel conscious while having a dream.

STEP 2: Make stronger connections with your waifu.
How to do that? The most efficient and fastest way is by doing this way. So, every day before you sleep, you must train your imagination with your waifu. Just simply make another whole new story in your mind, and make your waifu a main heroine in your story. For example, I imagine that I meet my waifu in my high school, then I make a whole new story from that concept. By doing this, your feeling with your waifu will be stronger.

That's it, its only 2 steps, but the result will be incredible, and it clearly depends on your feeling.

Now I will tell you how I can succeed in meeting with my waifu by using lucid dream. This happens at March 2017, while having a dream, I realize that I'm inside my dream, so I try to control that dream.

subaru and emilia re zero anime lap pillow
I spontaneously think about my waifu, and after that my body teleported to a living room, that living room is from an apartment that my waifu lives in the anime. After that, she approach me, and we talk about something, and she gave me a lap pillow. Her lap pillow feeling is very real, it just like touching a very nostalgic presence that I already longed since a long time.After that I hug her, and it felt real too. But because my dream quality is not good, then I awaken from that dream.

I only succeed to do this once, this is because I'm too lazy to make a dream journal, and I often sleep late at night, so my dream quality is not good. Dream journal help us to make a deeper connection to our dream, so at first you will see your dream like watching a 144p quality YouTube video, but if you make a dream journal that quality will be raised slowly so you can see your dream in 720p quality.

It seems its not just me that used this lucid dreaming method to meet their waifu. I also saw this thread at Waifuism Sub Reddit, there's quite a lot of people that use lucid dreaming method to meet their waifu.

That's all the things that I can tell you about my technique to meet my waifu.

You can share your own method or ask me if you have any question, just type it on FB or Disqus comment bar below.



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