Anime Girl's Most Preferable Cup Size and Body Height International Voting

Just as the title said, I make this poll to find out, "what is the most preferable anime girl's breast/boobs cup size and body height"?

There's already a similiar vote in the past:, but that poll, only categorized breast size as small, big, normal, etc. It's not specified the cup size, so now I want to make it more specific.

If you don't know how to determine the cup size, then just look at these pictures below.
(Click the picture to zoom it).

I limit the cup size to F, because beyond F is already considered as Hentai not anime lol

After you understand, then you can vote in this poll below.
Please don't troll or lie, because your waifu will be sad, if you lie. So, vote your waifu's cup size and body height, because deep down in your heart, your waifu's measurements is your most preferable size.

After you vote the cup size, then you can vote your most preferable anime girl's height too.

I make this body height vote in centimeters, because Asian people more familiar with centimeters than feet or inches, so to avoid confusion then I use centimeters metric to measure body height.

If you feel confused to centimeters metric, then you can see this cm to ft/inch conversion below. Thanks to animestuck from Reddit.

After vote, you can see the result directly by pressing the "View Results" option below the poll.

Thanks for voting :)



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