Spring 2017 Anime Waifu International Voting

We have different preferences of waifu, so I conclude that every person has their own best waifu. But sometimes you will wonder, how popular is your waifu?

To answer this question, I make this polling to find out how popular is your waifu. So, let's vote your waifu by simply choose her name on this poll below.

If you don't find your waifu name, then just choose Other and type your waifu name. I will update the poll after it, so other people can vote your waifu too. Don't put a waifu name that's not included as a character from Spring 2017 Anime series, such as Rem. Yes, I know she is the best waifu, but she's not a character from Spring 2017 Anime series.

This votes is for Spring 2017 Anime, and if you don't know what anime that aired on Spring 2017, then you can see the list at myanimelist website, here is the link:

After you vote, you can see the result by clicking View Results below the poll, by doing this way, you can d…

Anime Girl's Most Preferable Cup Size and Body Height International Voting

Just as the title said, I make this poll to find out, "what is the most preferable anime girl's breast/boobs cup size and body height"?

There's already a similiar vote in the past:, but that poll, only categorized breast size as small, big, normal, etc. It's not specified the cup size, so now I want to make it more specific.

If you don't know how to determine the cup size, then just look at these pictures below.
(Click the picture to zoom it).

I limit the cup size to F, because beyond F is already considered as Hentai not anime lol

After you understand, then you can vote in this poll below.
Please don't troll or lie, because your waifu will be sad, if you lie. So, vote your waifu's cup size and body height, because deep down in your heart, your waifu's measurements is your most preferable size.

After you vote the cup size, then you can vote your most preferable anime girl's height too.

I make this body height vote in …

Analyzing Anime Girl's Personality Through Their Zodiac and Blood Type

The zodiac and blood type are believed to affect a person's personality since they were born. This theory is very popular through the world and many magazines out there publish daily horoscope, so the reader can know about the prediction of their future based on their zodiac.

And, does this blood type and zodiac theory can be used to know anime characters personalities too?
The answer is Yes!

So, let's take a look into this theory.

1. Blood Type
According towikipediathe origin of blood type personality theory originated from Japan. This theory said that different blood type will result on a different personality.

See this picture below about blood type personality, and you will understand the personality difference between blood type once you see it.

2. Zodiac
Now, let's talk about the zodiac. The zodiac personality theory is more complicated than blood type, because if the day of born is different, then it will make the personality different too.

But I think almost all auth…

The Future of Japan Anime Industry?

Every year, we hear that anime is declining, and many anime studios company closed down. There's so many articles and news that told about this. Just search it at google with the keyword "Anime declining", and set the advanced search time frame to past years. You will see so many websites and forum that discuss about this topic.

However, last year, anime is beginning to regain its success once again, and it's all because of Kimi no Na Wa. Many international media make news article that Kimi no Na Wa anime got a very huge profit which is over $100 Million. After that, it seems anime companies started to focus more on anime movies, because it can bring more profit, and even if its get pirated, the fans will still go to the cinema to watch the movie.

At the beginning of this year, I saw a news article that stated the demand of Anime studios to make an anime was increasing, due to the higher demands from the international fans. But, because of Anime studios lacked of man…

What is Waifu?

I'm sure almost all anime fans know what is waifu, so for the people that still don't know what is waifu. Here, I share my knowledge about waifu in this post.

Waifu (マイワイフ) is originated from English word which is Wife. If in the real world, we called our female life partners as Wife, then for anime, we called her as "Waifu".

So any female anime character that we liked, and want her to be as our lovers, then we called her as "Waifu". And, the opposite of wife, which is husband, called as "Husbando."
That's it, it's simple, right?
If you want to know more about the history, character, and the deep meaning of waifu, then you can open this website:

Below is the basic explanation about waifu evolution since 1980 until now. Although, I add a bit of jokes in it, but it still makes sense haha

Every year, since 1984, there is a war that called "Waifu Wars". What is waifu wars? It …

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